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Authored By:: Rob Haisfield, Joel Chan, and Brendan Langen

Initially published - May 2022

Welcome to our living hypertext notebook. This notebook will continue to evolve going into the future and is by no means a finished product- as such, pages exist at varying stages of completion. Please leave comments to further the discussion and help direct its evolution.

All you need to do is click on what is interesting. This is a special trait of this website - hypertext notebooks are designed for exploratory browsing. In a linear piece of writing, all ideas would be sequenced into one narrative. In hypertext writing, the narrative is emergent and the ideas are associative. It is like a book where the pages rearrange themselves for you based on your current curiosity each time you revisit. For more on what this is, see What is a hypertext notebook?

The goal of this research project is to find data structures and interfaces that support synthesis and innovation in a decentralized discourse graph. If you prefer videos over hypertext, see this video here (5:40):

Some suggested starting points:

Some specific how-tos: