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C- Synthesis is supported by Active Reading

Last updated May 18, 2022

# Work in Progress


Active reading is quite old and established/mature, spans the Education literature as well as [HCI]. - [active reading] is also another thing to add to the claim that C- People process complex information in multiple levels and stages of processing - R-Sources - R- LiquidText A Flexible Multitouch Environment to Support Active Reading is a decent entry point into the [active reading] literature - the LiquidText system in particular is nicely grounded in R- Active reading and its discontents, which is a nice formative study of active reading with interviews and [Participatory Design] workshops - another decent one is R- Beyond paper supporting active reading with free form digital ink annotations, which cites R- A diary study of work-related reading design implications for digital reading devices as a #canonical ref for [active reading]

C- Curation is an important role in maintaining a decentralized discourse graph. C- It will be important to capture the potential energy of information consumption.