ūü™ī Scaling Synthesis

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Last updated May 18, 2022

P- Chris Granger: This sounds a bit like what we did in WikiEve  https://incidentalcomplexity.com/2016/06/10/jan-feb/

P- Rob Haisfield: Just read it, fascinating. As I was reading your Eve queries, I can see how you were itching to turn it into natural language. I was picturing something like inline clojure data structures, Specter, and a bunch of composable query operators. Maybe inline structural editors too.

P- Rob Haisfield: What sorts of queries do you believe are the most important to serve the needs of interdisciplinary synthesis?

P- Rob Haisfield: Our goal: Web3 people write smart contracts and behavioral economists immediately realize that they have time series data of environmentally constrained choices. They start talking to each other and combining their notes, and they synthesize new frameworks for positively influencing financial behavior. The behavioral economists realize that influence on the web has as broad or broader effects on society than governmental actions, and decentralized finance encourages systemically healthy personal finance. I want that type of synthesis to arise from people interacting with whatever decentralized synthesis infrastructure ends up being built.