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Last updated April 28, 2022

Authored by:: P- Brendan Langen

HyperCard is an example of early end-user programming in the wild. Released in 1987 by Apple on the Mac, HyperCard included its own DSL - HyperTalk - that enabled users to create hypermedia systems. HyperTalk was written in a syntax that resembled the English language, which enabled many non-programmers to interact with the cardstack structure expressed by HyperCard.

HyperCard was deprecated in 2004.

The beauty of HyperCard is that it lets people program without having to learn how to write code — what I call “programming for the rest of us”. HyperCard has made it possible for people to do things they wouldn’t have ever thought of doing in the past without a lot of heavy-duty programming. It’s let a lot of non-programmers, like me, into that loop.

David Lingwood, APDA 4