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I- Provide Push and Pull as inline syntax to affect the related items section for a page

Last updated May 13, 2022

Authored By:: P- Rob Haisfield

As mentioned on I- Replace the backlinks section of a page with a related items section, C- Linked references are a smart default for related items but are not a complete description of what is related. The exclusive use of backlinks to define a related items section leads to the problems outlined on Q- How do we solve the problem of different people referring to the same concept with different language

While populating the related items section through a search term solves that problem with precision, editing the search term would likely require a decent amount of effort. Agora provides an ergonomic solution with their Push and Pull mechanisms.

Within Agora, if you are writing on a page and believe the backlinks for another page would be relevant, you can write [[pull]] [[page2]]. Push does the opposite, pushing backlinks from the page you are writing on to another page’s backlinks section.

For example, imagine you have a page called [[Graph Core Protocol Development Teams]]. On that page, you could pull references from each team into the related items section of development teams page. The search term that populates the related items section would adjust in response to uses of push and pull, looking something like (syntax isn’t final) (any: [[Graph Core Protocol Development Team]] Edge & Node [[Figment]] [[Semiotic.ai]] [[StreamingFast]] [[The Guild]])