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I- Replace the backlinks section of a page with a related items section

Last updated May 20, 2022

Authored By:: P- Rob Haisfield, P- Brendan Langen

We can I- Populate the related items section through a search term. Since C- Linked references are a smart default for related items, linked references should be the default search term so users don’t have to do additional manual work to make the related items section useful. To give users a low friction way to edit the search term for a page’s related items, we can I- Provide Push and Pull as inline syntax to affect the related items section for a page.

Because users struggle with the dilemma to Q- How might we navigate the structure now or later tradeoffs, it is useful to lower the cost of adding structure. A related items query that can be edited over time could accomplish this by enabling structure in hindsight, or affording a user the chance to add structure indirectly, and in the moment of ambient review. We suspect these queries will reduce system entropy over time.

Given that search terms can be defined to bring in a broader array of stuff than a simple list of backlinks, users will require a way to filter their results. As described in Interfaces for adjusting a query, this does not all need to occur through text entry.