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Last updated April 28, 2022

Authored by:: P- Brendan Langen

Knovigator allows users to build atop other comments and threads in the form of quests. Their system uses quadratic voting on each block in order to indicate how important or relevant it is.

Knovigator uses the vocabulary of threads as quests. Threads are lists of short, related posts around a topic (i.e. bitcoin mining). They refer to these short posts as messages, which can be re-used as blocks in other threads. This also allows the ability to add evidence to reinforce or refute claims.

Knovigator also enables user queries to turn into quests, which can later be linked to related threads. Q- How might you allow people to query information without explicit knowledge of how that information is structured

C- An ideal decentralized knowledge graph would map a social graph and a knowledge graph