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Last updated April 28, 2022

Authored by:: P- Brendan Langen

Napkin is built by Fabian Wittel and David Felsmann, and it employs a spatial canvas to help users traverse their thoughts and make spontaneous connections.

Working tour below, using the example of a public Napkin they built, working through Farnam Street podcasts.

Focusing on a given tag shows any related ideas:

Collection happens spatially, with all product use building around swarms of ideas.

Napkin promotes retrieval of your ideas by surfacing related concepts and reminding you what you haven’t seen recently.

trace provenance in Napkin by hovering the source, which is required for any card -

Navigation is entirely spatial, and while it doesn’t allow for ZUI, the experience feels like flying through a canvas. Napkin promotes exploration by showing notes like the one below: