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Q- How can people maintain a decentralized discourse graph with a high quantity of information in it

Last updated May 23, 2022

Authored By:: P- Rob Haisfield

If everybody comments in the discourse graph, then comments become useless. If everybody produces content, then it’s harder to find the right content.

As discussed on Q- What community roles are necessary in a decentralized knowledge graph, curators and educators will play a valuable role in reducing the sheer quantity of information people need to keep up with.

Existing solutions like Twitter try to solve this problem through a newsfeed. However, C- Newsfeeds are a poor intervention for distributing and discovering relevant information. Hypertext is often better, but not the only solution.

Progressive summarization is one response to this as a way to capture potential energy of information consumption.

C- An ideal decentralized discourse graph would enable people to view information at different levels of granularity through a ZUI.

Alternatively, search operators could be helpful, such as a way to only view things between certain dates. See I- Search as a primitive for more discussion.