Scaling Synthesis

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Last updated March 17, 2023

What user behavior is required to maintain a decentralized knowledge graph? Presumably, there should some balance between what is required of user behavior, what is required of the design of the system, and what AI can do to reduce the effort from user behavior.

2022-04-12 reflections:

Thoughts from Ryan Murphy:

In language processing/AI-ish stuff, I want to see:

Ryan Murphy:

  • Find similar/related documents (as per DEVONthink)
  • Identify missing links (e.g., highlight important words/tokens that seem to appear significant and relevant elsewhere in your notes, too)
  • Suggested tags … I thought I had more, but I’m forgetting ‘im

Joel Chan: love the idea of missing links! maybe a more powerful/fuzzy variant of aliases.

suggested aliases for the current note. Would be super valuable. Prevents people from talking about the same thing using slightly different terms in different places

Ryan Murphy: actually, and that’s a fifth (or maybe the same one): redundancy detection. “These two notes are so similar that you might want to merge them”-type use cases you are always in control, but the system can help you with your tasks: finding things you want to merge, propagating changes, detecting missing links, etc.